The Journey

In the company’s infancy, sales were primarily through at home parties and word of mouth. In the fall of 2015, V’Enza began selling inspirational jewelry through its e-commerce platform. At that time, sales were also expanded through retail in selective spas/salons, boutiques and fitness studios (yoga/Pilates/barre). Currently V’Enza has wholesale accounts that are selling in retail locations throughout the US and Canada. The V'Enza brand is always looking to expand both domestically and globally.  

The Mission & What Sets V'Enza Apart

All of the products are intended to inspire, motivate, protect and heal.  Energy, positivity, spirituality and meditation are the essence of the brand. All of the stones carry different types of positive energy that enhance the wearer’s experience. In addition to the natural energy, each product is also manifested with positive energy before it leaves V’Enza headquarters. We do this by saying a prayer everyday for all who have, wear and use our creations. We pray that they will be filled with love, light, faith and miracles and that all their wishes and intentions will be heard, guided and granted. This prayer is said every single day!

The jewelry and accessories are beautiful. However, the primary mission is to bring happiness, peace, healing, positivity and light to as many people as we can reach through our creations. 

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Inspire. Motivate. Protect. Heal.  
Make your wish, good things are about to happen!