Productivity is all about prioritizing and focus! Coming into the end of the year we all have major projects personally and professionally we are determined to finish. When it comes to getting all that important work done, everyone needs an effective workspace to get the most done efficiently. Most importantly, we need an effective workspace to get the good vibes flowing to create our best work. Joining us for this blog, we have three girl bosses who know how to create the perfect workspace for getting their work done including some wise tips from our owner, Sheila, who will be kicking off our top tips.

Sheila of V’Enza Creations


Sometimes, creating a space that feels good can be as simple as using one of your senses. I like to use my sense of smell because scents really speak to me. I love to burn different incense depending on the type of energy I am craving that day. You can also burn your favorite candles or add essential oils to your diffuser. But I LOVE and have a strong sense of smell… it takes me to a place that creates the “feeling” of the energy I am desiring.


Malas have 108 beads on them. The theory on that differs and ranges, however, they do call them prayer beads, similar to the rosary. A great way to use your mala beads is to say a favorite mantra on each bead- that’s 108 times! For example, you may say,  “I am grateful and deserving of wonderful things to happen for me”, or go simpler with… “I AM… grateful… I AM Beautiful… healthy”, etc. When you do this, you are raising and creating a vibration that will raise your energy, vibes, and subconscious.

Melissa of Content Creative


Before you start your workday, spend 5 minutes tidying up your space. Empty the trash, organize files, and remove any unnecessary mess from your desk and work area. Doing so can help with eliminating distractions or things that may take you away from what you are trying to focus on. It also helps you start your day with a sense of productivity so that you're already off to a good start.


Before leaving or signing off on the day, spend the last hour jotting down the things that you need to follow up on for tomorrow as well as any new work you need to start on. Prioritize your list as well so that you can tackle the most important or lingering thing as soon as you start your workday the next day. Additionally, you can go ahead and draft emails, send yourself some links or notes, or do some prep work that helps you eliminate any downtime in the morning. Think of it as a sort of "meal prep" for your next workday.

Kristen of Vow + Vast


This is probably second nature for your desk, but position the things you use most often within reach. Things you rarely use or only use a few times a week should be stored or put away. This will save you time digging through your desk and keep your surface clutter-free. That way you won’t get distracted or lose focus while searching for what you need. Items you might need? I always have my phone, planner, pen, water, a snack and of course, computer!

Get Comfy

If your body is aching sitting in your desk chair, the temperature is too cold or you find yourself staring at the computer your work may be comprised out of discomfort. Find an ergonomic setup that works for you. A chair that is not only comfy but offers customizable back support, keeping a comfy blanket or sweater on hand and elevating your computer so you can look straight ahead will make a world of difference when it comes to your workspace.


There you have it! Top workspace tips from the experts. Which tip will you utilize in your everyday workspace routine now? Tell us in the comments below.

October 30, 2019 — sheila vaske