Ways To Use Your Commute To Improve Your Mindset

The Monday-Friday drive to work is known mainly for bad moods and traffic. Not the most positive of words that come to mind, right? So let’s reinvent the daily drive, shall we? There are plenty of ways to bring love and light into your commute. Here are just a few of our top ways to use your commute to improve your mindset. That way you’ll enter work with more positivity rather than negativity, ready to tackle the day ahead.


Podcasts are the number one way to improve your mind on your commute. Get yourself caught up on the news, learn about history or get sucked into some masterful storytelling. By the time you walk into work, you’ll be inspired for the day! The perfect pairing for listening? Our Carma Car Charms. Different stones bring different vibes to your car. Take our Om Car Charm and let the jade stone remove negative thoughts and energy. That way waking up on the wrong side of the bed will turn into waking up on all the right sides with a smile after your commute journey.


You can always "just sit there" and be alone with your thoughts, but you can also work on being mindful and present. There’s consistency in keeping a positive mind, so why not start with baby steps like a commute to improve mindfulness? You can even take the next step towards mindfulness with some positive car thoughts with V’Enza. Our car clips are the perfect accessory to keep your mind at ease. You can even attach a small felt tip to make your clip a diffuser. So throw on the clip diffuser, put on some calm music and get reacquainted with your mind. Your car just turned into your zen den!

Getting Ahead

If your mind jumps to work during your commute, hop on a call beforehand to get your team on the same page. That way when you all get in, everyone can hit the ground running instead of taking that extra 15-30 minutes to get acquainted with the week’s tasks. By using your commute time to touch base, you’re manifesting success! And a hyper-focused morning. The perfect V’Enza pairing for getting ahead? Our Owl Car Vent Clip! The keeper of sacred knowledge, the owl symbolizes protection, wisdom, and foresight. 

Or instead of getting ahead, how about keeping in touch? More than likely, your family and friends are sitting on a commute too. Give those loved ones a call to make their morning!


Which one of our favorite ways to improve the commute mindset will you adopt? Don’t forget to add a little more V’Enza to your drive with our Carma Car Collection. Our charms and clips will bring love and light to your drive while also blessing your journey!

September 30, 2019 — sheila vaske