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The term self care gets thrown around so often and so loosely that it’s easy to get confused or lose sight of what it actually means. We’re here to talk to you about self care, what WE think it means, why it’s important, and how you can practice a little more self love daily, weekly, monthly or as often as you need to.

First up, what exactly IS self care? Self care officially “refers to actions and attitudes that which contribute to the maintenance of well-being and personal health and promote human development.” To us, in simple terms, it means anything that makes you feel better, mentally, emotionally, or physically, and is a short term action that relates to a longer term better sense of well being. We believe in figuring out what works for YOU and makes YOU feel best and then sticking to it, girlfriend.

Now that we’ve determined what self care is and all of the ways you can enjoy it, let’s jump into the part about WHY it’s important.

So often in our day to day lives we’re constantly putting others first. Whether in work, your own business, at home, or in your family, it’s easy to get caught up in others needs and making sure that you satisfy those. We’re not saying to ditch all of those responsibilities and always put yourself first, but we do believe in the power of “no” and the benefit and afternoon to yourself doing what you want can have on your health.

How to incorporate it into your life:


    • Try starting your morning with 15-20 minutes to yourself. Maybe read a book, have a cup of coffee and journal, or just sit there with your thoughts knowing you have uninterrupted time to yourself to process the day ahead.

    • As we mentioned, self care isn’t just about mental health it’s about physical health too. Are you getting a couple workouts in a week? How’s your diet been and could you benefit from a quick trip to the store? Your weekly habits are typically the ones that may seem to have a small effect daily but can really build up over time.

    • When’s the last time you treated yourself to a spa day? We’re all about embracing your natural beauty and feeling your best but sometimes a trip to the nail salon for a couple hours is just the pick me up you need to make sure you’re putting yourself first sometimes and always feeling your best.

    • Time to analyze those goals and the things you want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Maybe you have some credit card debt that’s been putting unnecessary stress in your life. This is the time to evaluate that and come up with a payoff plan because financial health is important too.

Whew, okay! Now that we’ve covered all of that it’s time for the fun part. Take a little time to reflect on what we shared and then work through the following questions:

1- What does self care mean to YOU?
2- How are you currently practicing self care?
3-Are you addressing all areas of your well being (mental, physical, emotional, financial, etc.) in your self care practices?
4- What’s an area of self care in your life you can improve on?
5- What practice will you add to improve on this area?

Here’s to taking care of yourself!

Photo credit: The Dashing Ginger

August 15, 2018 — sheila vaske