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What’s a recent success or accomplishment that happened for you? Did you celebrate the success, announce it to the world? Or did you run and hide and carry on with life as usual?

As successful beings sometimes there’s nothing better than setting a goal, working towards that goal, and accomplishing it. Why is it then that we have such a hard time letting others know when we’ve accomplished something and are celebrating a success? We don’t want to sound braggy but we also now how hard we worked for that said thing and the amount of effort that went into it.

Are you afraid to celebrate because you’re comparing yourself to others? Maybe you think to yourself, my accomplishment is so small compared to the accomplishments of others. Why do we feel the need to compare ourselves in the first place? Our accomplishments are exactly that, OURS! They exist in our lives and come from a result of a series of small steps and accomplishments that happen behind the scenes. You never know how someone got to where they are.

For others, maybe they don’t like to be the center of attention or sound braggy. Often times we feel that by announcing something we are proud of puts us on a pedestal and not only creates a negative perception but opens the door to criticism. To that, we say, forget what others think! You deserve to be celebrated and made the center of attention from time to time and don’t worry about those that have something negative to think or say.

All in all, we believe in celebrating your accomplishments. Whether it’s taking yourself out to dinner, making a Facebook post announcing a recent win, or treating yourself to something you’ve been eyeing, you deserve to be celebrated and rewarded for your hard work. Next time you see a friend ask them what something they’ve done or accomplished lately has been. Or even better? Make a facebook post celebrating something great that happened to you. SHOP OUR CELEBRATION BRACELET

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October 17, 2018 — sheila vaske