Catch The Sunshine With V'Enza's Favorite Summertime Activities

The sun is shining, the weather is warm (unless you count the Florida rain-then it’s muggy) and the beach is calling our names- constantly! Summer may mean peak beach season, jean shorts and sunscreen but there are plenty of things to do with your family and friends in case you’re looking to avoid crowded beaches! Here are our favorite Summertime activities.

Explore Downtown

No matter what city you are located in, you have a downtown area. Do you know it well? Have you been inside the buildings? It may not seem an obvious choice, but your city’s downtown can be full of surprises! Ten times out of ten, there are some drool-worthy interiors, fun play areas for the kids, cozy nooks to get a breather from the heat and businesses you never even knew existed! Our current city, Tampa, has plenty of historical buildings, food trucks sprinkled around and a Riverwalk to...well, you know...walk (or scooter) to explore other areas of Tampa. 

Fun Exercise

For a mix of adventure, exercise, and relaxation, paddleboarding is our number one favorite outdoor exercise activity. You’re on the water, in the sun and working up an appetite getting to and from shore. Plus, most paddleboard rental board shops are located next door to other cool places to check out afterward. For us in Tampa, our favorite paddleboard shops are located next to The Getaway and Armature Works. If you’re a family, consider renting water bikes or a kayak! That way you can all experience the views together.

Take A Road Trip

Ok ok, so the beach really IS calling your name! How about exploring a beach you haven’t spent much time getting to know? Take a road trip with your family and friends, get a cute AirBnB and get to know the locals! We guarantee you’ll be surprised at what you may find. Long boardwalks in nature, sand dunes, yummy seafood- where could a beach road trip go wrong? For us, we frequent the Space Coast when we’re looking to get away for some family time and a good sun soak. 

Chase Springs...Not Waterfalls

Want to avoid getting the sand off of you and your car? Look up your local springs! All the best parts of crystal clear and cool refreshing water in nature without the sand. Plus, with springs being surrounded by tall trees (most are located in state parks), you can find shade faster! Definitely a top recommendation for those looking for stress-free family activities. 

Binge on Books

When it’s too hot outside, why not stay in? Instead of bingeing Netflix, binge on books from your local library. They are free, a fun outing and way better for your brain! Best part? An afternoon of peaceful quiet time while everyone goes on their book’s adventures. So the next time you’re running your Summer errands, make sure to stop at your local library to pick up some well air-conditioned adventures. Need some recommendations for books? Here’s a good Summer reading list for Mom and a reading list for kiddos.

They are plenty of local summertime activities to have your fun in! Which of these will you, your family and friends take part in? We recommend trying them all! The only request we make while out and about? Wear sunscreen. 

Enjoy the rest of your Summer V’Enza family!

July 16, 2019 — sheila vaske