Sheila Vaske, founder of V'Enza Creations feature on Where Women WORK | March 2019

Words of wisdom for new entrepreneurs

1. VALUE YOUR TIME. Your time is money. 

2. SAYING NO SOMETIMES. We find it hard to say NO to people or certain things because we want to do it all or please everyone;...

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How to find the motivation you need to get stuff done - Blog | V'Enza Creations

How to find the motivation you need to get stuff done

We’ve all been there. Your to do list is a mile long but your motivation and ambition to get it done are running on E. You’re normally not a procrastinator but you just can’t bring yourself to...
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November 17, 2018 — sheila vaske
Celebrating your successes - Blog | V'Enza Creations

Celebrating your successes

What’s a recent success or accomplishment that happened for you? Did you celebrate the success, announce it to the world? Or did you run and hide and carry on with life as usual? 
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October 17, 2018 — sheila vaske
Finding Gratitude to Live a Fulfilled Life - Blog | V'Enza Creations

Finding gratitude to live a fulfilled life

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do in life is find gratitude and be grateful. The world we live in makes it easy to focus on what others have or the things you don’t have. 
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September 19, 2018 — sheila vaske
Taking care of business, but first, yourself - Blog | V'Enza Creations

Taking care of business, but first, yourself

The term self care gets thrown around so often and so loosely that it’s easy to get confused or lose sight of what it actually means. We’re here to talk to you about self care, what WE think it means, why it’s important...
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August 15, 2018 — sheila vaske